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What are the admission requirements for the Foundation year program for the college of Medicine? I have finished the preparatory/foundation year program at Qassim University with a GPA of 3.75, and I would like to know, how can I join SRU?
  • You will still have to achieve the other requirements for admission to the Faculty of Medicine:
    • a pass in the SRU Direct Admission Exam.
    • Obtain a 5.00 in IELTS (or equivalent).
    • a pass in the interview.
I have completed the general PYP track, will I be accepted in the first year of medicine?
    -You are required to complete the PYP in the health track. This is because it contains core subjects such as chemistry, physics, and biology.
Does the university accept Saudis only?
    -The University accepts Saudi and non-Saudi students who fit the admission criteria for each college.
Can I apply online?
    -Yes, students apply to the University through the Education Gate, which can be reached by logging into the University website > E- Services > Education gate. Click here
Where will the admission tests take place?
    -Tests are held at the Sulaiman Al Rajhi Educational City in Al Bukayriyah.
Where will the interviews take place?
    -Interviews will be in the Sulaiman Al Rajhi Educational City in Al Bukayriyah or it will be online, depending on the admission announcement.
Is a specific certificate required in English in order to be accepted in the foundation\preparatory year program? What are the required results?
    -There is no requirement to obtain a specific certificate of IELTS or STEP in order to enter the foundation \preparatory year program. However, students must pass a placement test.
Is a specific certificate required in English in order to be promoted to the first year of medicine? What is the required score?
    -Yes, a  5 in IELTS is required or its equivalent.
How much is the registration fee in SRU?
    -There is no registration fee, However, a 2000 SR. -VAT not included- is required to reserve a place for you. This will be added to your tuition fees in case you completed the first semester\ first year of studying. However, it is non-refundable in the case of withdrawal.
Is it possible to resubmit a new achievement test result?
    -Yes, you send an email to admission@sr.edu.sa and explain your new situation. Please do not forget to mention the application number. The results will be amended after we verify the authenticity of the submitted information through the National Center for Assessment (Qiyas).
When will we receive a response in regards to being accepted?
    -The results will be announced according to the admission schedule dates. Please check the university  website.
Is there a difference in admission requirements between male and female students?
    -There are no differences in the admission requirements.
Can I apply to more than one university?
    -Yes, but after the student receives the acceptance letter from the admission Dept., He/she must be discharged from any other university which he/she is accepted in.
Is it possible for visiting students to apply to University?
    -Currently, no.  This feature is not available through the Education Gate for both Male and Female.
If I have not received my new achievement test results, when can I apply?
    -The applicant can submit the previous test score manually. This can be updated later by emailing the admission department. Please don’t forget to mention your application number.
What is the size allowed for uploading files in the application form?
    -The file size allowed is 1 MB.
How can I reset the password for my account in Education gate ? What are the steps in order to be admitted to SRU?
  • First step: online registration through the the University website sr.edu.sa top menu  Admission> Apply Now > choose the wanted educational path.
  • Second step: Passing the acceptance test: English language Test (for high school graduates) Direct Admission Exam (for those who have completed the preparatory year program).
  • Third step: Attend the interview.
  • Fourth step: announcing candidates.
  • Fifth step: Print the acceptance notice of the student, and pay the reservation fees. Then you must send the required documents by Saudi Post or any other shipping company) to SRU postal address . To : Qassim Buakiryah P.O.Box 777 postal code 51941
The documents are:
  1. High school certificate (original copy).
  2. National\Iqama ID Copy.
  3. Personal photo.
  4. Registration Fees Bank receipt.
  • Sixth step: The student receives the University ID Number.
  • Seventh step: Pay 25% of the fees for the first semester within 10 days of issuing the university ID number.
  • Eighth step: deposit the payment of tuition fees.
  • Ninth step: Receive the academic schedule and the University ID card.
What is the bank account to pay the tuition fees?
    – Bank name: Alinma Bank
    – Account holder name: Sulaiman Bin AbdulAziz AL-Rajhi Education and Development Company
    – IBAN: SA1805000068202222224000
    – Account number: 68202222224000

What are the available colleges?

Currently there are various colleges, which include:

  1. Sulaiman Al Rajhi School of Business: Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Accounting and Information System, Finance and Risk Management.
  2. Executive Master of Business Administration ( EMBA )
  3. College of Medicine: Medicine and Surgery.
  4. College of Applied Sciences: Medical Laboratories Science (MLS).
  5. College of Applied Sciences: Nursing.

Is there a pharmacy major ?

There is currently no pharmacy major.

Does the University specialize in medicine only?

No, along with the Medical colleges, we have another college of Humanities as (Sulaiman Alrajhi School of Business).

Does the university have a partnership with international universities?

The Faculty of Medicine has an academic partnership with the Holland based “University of Maastricht”. The University of Maastricht is one of the leading Dutch medical educational establishments in Europe. We have a partnership which is involved in the curriculum and supervision of the Faculty of Medicine program.

Where is SRU located in Qassim?

Sulaiman Al Rajhi University is located in Al Bukayriyah city. It is located on the intersection of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah to Riyadh highway with Mohammed Al Ali Al Swailem Road.

Will I be given a certificate from the University of Maastricht After I graduate? “ MBBS program ”

If you graduate from the College of Medicine”MBBS program” you will be awarded an accredited certificate from SRU, as well as another recognition certificate from the University of Maastricht.

Is Sulaiman Alrajhi University accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, the University has received accreditation from the Ministry of Education for the Faculties of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nursing, as well as the Sulaiman Al Rajhi School of Business.

Is SRU recognized outside Saudi Arabia?

The University received accreditation from the German Academic Accreditation Authority of the Faculty of Medicine (AHPGS), Also The University has obtained institutional accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) for the period from 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2023.

Is there an agreement between Sulaiman Al Rajhi University and other parties to support students financially? Currently not available.

Is there a female section or not?

All SRU academic programs are provided to both male and females.

Does the University have an educational hospital? Where do Medical students take their Pre-intern/intern clinical training?

Still not working yet. However, our students are currently taking their internship training via agreement with the Ministry of Health in Qassim.

Where do the Internship program students train in Sulaiman AL Rajhi University?

The Internship program students are trained in the best hospitals inside and outside Qassim Province. They are trained according to the specific regulations of the college administration department.

Is there student accommodation for the female students?

Yes, We have limited accommodation for the Female Students according to possibilities and vacancies. However, there is student housing under construction for (Male and Female) inside the Sulaiman Al Rajhi University City.

Where is the accommodation located for male and females?

The female accommodation is located in the center of Bukayriyah city near all the services and restaurants. It is a 7-minute drive from the university city.

How much are the accommodation fees? and does it include daily meals or other services?

The accommodation fees are 1700 SR- 1800 SR. per semester, daily meals and other services are not included. Transportation is free of charge from and to the University city.

Are there other services provided by the accommodation?

The accommodation consists of a kitchen, gymnasium, seating and reading rooms, as well as all basic electrical appliances, fully furnished and supervised 24-hours by University staff.

Is it mandatory to participate in the community services activities?

Community service hours are considered as one of the requirements of graduation in Sulaiman Al Rajhi University. A student should complete a total of 30 hrs community service in order to graduate. a minimum of 5 hrs each year.

What is the official SRU student uniform?

Students of the medical colleges are required to wear medical scrubs .

Is there a way to join the University’s student council?

The Student Council Secretariat is arranging elections at the beginning of the academic year for more details please send email to sc@sr.edu.sa