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About Al Bukairyah

Al Bukairyah brings together distinctive qualities that set it as a prime location for an integrated university city. Calm organized and well-served, the area is well-positioned to fulfil the living needs of both students and faculty members. Al Bukairyah is located to the southwest of Buraydah, the regional capital of Al-Qassim region, about 50 km away, at the center of Al-Qassim region, connecting main and secondary road networks.

It is also situated about 15 km from Qassim Airport, which makes it the closest city to the Airport. Al Bukairyah is best known for its pure air, fertile lands, and cultural and residential organization; thus, awarded the title of the First Healthy City in the Kingdom, and qualified to participate in the Advanced Nations Award, held in Japan, where it won the third place.

Among the lap of nature lies the Bukayriyah Governorate, where calmness and clarity of mind are suitable for learning and knowledge. A number of main roads are connected to it, where the highway connects the west and east of the Kingdom, access to the train station and Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Airport via King Fahd Road in a smooth, easy and safe way, surrounded by areas The agricultural area is on its four sides, which gives it a pleasant breeze and a moderate climate.

It lives a high level of development and modern services in all fields, where medical services, public and private libraries, and many international and local restaurants and cafes.

And there are a number of places for picnics and entertainment and spending time of fun and relaxation .. where the green areas, public walking places and private sports clubs for men and women.