Maslak Educational Fund

The Fund provides loans with easy and flexible repayment for students registered at Sulaiman AlRajhi University. Then you can pay tuition fees in installments and benefit from the discount and a payment period that extends beyond graduation.

Maslak Educational Fund Benefits for Sulaiman Al Rajhi University Students

  • The Faculty of Medicine extends to a maximum of 13 years, starting from the years of study until after graduation.
  • The period of payment for financing installments in other majors extends to a maximum of 9 years, starting from the years of study until after graduation.
  • The possibility of reducing the first payment to less than 20% at the beginning of each semester.

The steps to apply for a loan

  • The student acquires the form from Admissions and Academic Affairs at Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University.
  • Fill out the form and have it approved by the university official.
  • Fill in the fields for the university student’s data from the tuition seat fees and the total amount due of the university.
  • Make sure you have fulfilled all the conditions and requirements.
  • Sending the loan request with documents electronically by the student to the Maslak Educational Fund after all conditions are met.
  • After approval, contracts will be printed and payment is scheduled.
  • Communicate with the student and the sponsor to sign contracts and transfer the payment to the institution's account.

For inquiries about this fund program