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“Investing in human intellect is paramount in this era, and human capital is the real capital in which all nations invest.”
Sheikh Sulmain Alrajhi

About the Unit

The alumni unit at Sulaiman Al-Rajhi University (SRU) aims to maintain continuous and effective communication with SRU students and alumni and identify the needs and requirements of the labor market to develop students' skills and enhance their future success opportunities in order to achieve SRU vision, mission, and strategic goals.


Excellence in qualifying graduates who are able to compete in leadership positions and address the challenges of the labor market.

Unit objectives

    • Bridging SRU relationship with its alumni to enhance their participation and engagement.
    • Searching for partnerships with professional institutions that enable SRU alumni to work at.
    • Enhancing interdependence and cooperation among alumni from all programs,each according to his/her specialization.
    • Investing the capabilities of SRU alumni by involving them in various initiatives and programs.
    • Providing professional and career counseling services to SRU students and alumni.
    • Developing SRU alumni’s skills in line with the requirements of the labor market.

Unit Tasks

    • Establishing and periodically updating a database for SRU alumni and employers.
    • Informing SRU alumni of SRU recent news, developments, and major achievements.
    • Organizing alumni seminars, open days, activities, events, workshops and seminars.
    • Identifying and addressing any potential challenges and difficulties faced by SRU alumni.
    • Following-up with SRU alumni to calculate employability rates to evaluate SRU outcomes.
    • Contributing to spreading the culture of belonging and strengthening the relationship between students and SRU.
    • Inviting and involving SRU alumni and in various events, activities, main committees, etc.