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About ICT Directorate

Providing IT Services for staff, students and academics

We are dedicated to supporting SRU strategic goal as a world-class education and research university. In order to achieve this, ICTD will:

    • Be responsive to the University's diverse requirements
    • Provide leadership and partnership to promote the effective use and development of IT across all business units
    • Be a key enabler for strategic change in the University

    • Provide high quality, robust and secure day-to-day services, while innovating and anticipating the needs of tomorrow
    • Develop IT skills through support, coaching and personnel development


Leverage the latest and effective use of information technology to provide smooth and rich experience to teach, learn and research.

Chief Excecutive Information Officer Message

Dr. Nasser M. AbouNar

Chief Executive Information officer

A message by the Chief Executive of the IT & Communication Department:

Coping with the strategy plan of the Sulaiman Alrajhi University that aims at the University’s development and a future maker through building leaders; the human asset. Since day one of this department, the target has always been considering maximum use of IT as the main platform supporting the digital transformation in the field of education and management. This is in addition to supporting all points of distinction through the global digitization to align with national vision of the Kingdom and the University.

Undoubtedly, the world is witnessing a global change where technology plays a main role that is manifest in all aspects of life: social media, which is connecting families and friends, Internet services, teaching aids, reaching to banking services. Thus all universities, worldwide, must be prepared to cope with such challenges outreaching local communities. In this respect, the University seeks to provide usable, trustworthy and reachable services.

In light of the global change caused by Corvid pandemic where virtual education and distance learning have become the norm in our meetings, conferences, online lectures, the University has proved pioneer and unrivaled success, as a result of an already established robust and scalable infrastructure, operated by highly distinguished staff who were already prepared to cope with such challenges.

Business Strategy

IT Operations

Provide information services and communications across the university city.

IT projects

Strategic initiatives and projects are developed by ICTD leadership team to meet academic and research excellence vision of SRU.

IT Governance

Ensuring ICTD aligned with business needs of SRU with effective and efficient use of IT resources.

ICTD organization structure

ICTD Services

ICT Directorate offers over 130 IT services ( not limited ) to support teaching , learning ,research missions in different categories to SRU stakeholders.

Account Management services
Create and manage user accounts for Students, Academics and Staff
Self-service (Kiosk) facilities
Self- Service Kiosks are available for serving Students, Academics and Staff
E-learning services
SRU provides learning management system that enable the students and faculty to interact with each other and to access the Educational Materials online
E-Mail services
SRU provides a cloud-based business email account for Students, Academics and Staff
Cloud services
SRU provides platforms, software, or technologies including free office 365 for students
Computering services
SRU provides and supports the computing services across the university city
Infrastructure facilities
SRU provides robust and secure infrastructure for both wired and wireless connectivity for the main campus and students’ dorms to access all available services
IP-Phone services
SRU provides vast varieties of wired and wireless IP phones
Media & Event services
Audio-visual and technical support for conferences and events on- and off-campus, including online support for webinars and meetings
Meeting & Collaboration services
SRU provides and supports collaboration infrastructure technology for conferencing the lectures, and meetings across university city
Application & Automation services
Develop the business applications to automate the processes in SRU
Landline & Communication services
SRU provides landlines communication and direct lines for authorized people and hotline number for urgent support
Internet Services
The university city and student dorms are served by a dedicated high speed internet lines from different internet service providers
Conferencing Facilities
The university provides a video conference system by using the latest devices and technologies
Web-hosting services
Provide a facility to host SRU educational and academic applications
Wi-Fi services
Provide Wi-Fi services access for Students, Academics and Staff in addition to guests
Reomte Access services
A secure remote access services to SRU computing resources
Digital Library Services
Students, Academics and Staff has access to Digital Library resources
Students Accommodation services
Providing IT infrastructure services at student dorms
Attendance Facility
The university provides an easy and safe way of the attendance systems

IT news and Events

Events Archive

Policies and Standards

This section presents an overview of some policies and procedures developed by ICTD for all individuals accessing SRU’s IT assets and resources Governing use policies are essential to support the continuity of educational excellence and related business innovation, maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability.