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About SRU

The beginning of the idea is to establish a non-profit university in the region; Sulaiman Al Rajhi University City project is considered one of the non-profit qualitative development projects located in Al-Bukairiyah on the Riyadh-Medina highway on an area of approximately 1,200,000 square meters. It includes the College of Medicine for Male and Female, College of Applied Sciences for Male and Female, College of Nursing and the College of Business Administration. The project includes a service teaching hospital located on a total building area of more than 90,000 square meters, with a capacity of 300 beds. The project also includes a university library, a research center, and a conference hall that can accommodate 1000 people. All infrastructure works have been completed for the entire project area; The project also includes housing for male students and another for female students, and housing for faculty members and hospital employees, with the implementation of the Smart Cities system. The University has an academic partnership with the University of Maastricht, Netherlands for the Medicine Program; One of the fruits of this partnership is the sharing of Sulaiman Al Rajhi University and Maastricht University of its program in the Faculty of Medicine in terms of curriculum and exams. SRU began in the year 1430/1431 AH corresponding to 2009/2010 AD. In April 2015, the first batch of students (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) graduated. In September 2015, study began at the College of Applied Sciences (Medical Laboratories Program). In September 2016, the female section was opened. In the same year (2016), the study also began at Sulaiman Al Rajhi School of Business and in 2018 it started the EMBA program.


Inspiring education, distinguished graduate, and sustainable impact.


An influential university that qualifies competitive competencies and enhances research and innovation to contribute to community development, with high professionalism and integrated partnerships.

Why SRU?

fact that Sulaiman Al Rajhi University is an of its kind educational institution that enjoys unique access to healthcare education resources globally, given below are some of the reasons that make us stand out:

Academic Partnership with Maastricht University

    • International Course Selection
    • Unique Study Courses
    • Latest Curriculum
    • Opportunity to transfer to Maastricht University at any stage

Problem Based Learning (PBL) Approach

    • Highly creative learning methodology Emphasizes collaboration and teamwork
    • Continuous scope of learning and development
    • Encourages critical thinking thought process
    • Student-centered approach
    • Possibilities of life-long learning through continuous self-improvement

E-Learning Environment

    • Electronic student study assistance Professional and personal support
    • State of the art technology infrastructure
    • Unlimited access to all available resources
    • Constantly updated with new content and cutting edge tools and technologies


    • Available for Saudi and Non-Saudi students
    • Need-based financial grants for deserving students

Non-Profit Institution

    • Charitable educational institution
    • High quality educational output
    • Aim to be socially responsible by contributing to the society and community