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Community service is an integral part of SRU vision and mission, and an inherent component of the thought upon which SRU is established and its approach to contribute to the advancement of the Arab and Islamic nation, through the production of students with leadership characteristics at various levels.

Considering community service as part of the educational process at major international universities is an indispensable principle, which is a prerequisite for graduation. This prerequisite aims to spread and promote collective, social and voluntary work among students, foster the values of social communication and social responsibility, and develop and utilize student capabilities by activating their roles to serve the local community, and provide them with the knowledge and life skills necessary to enhance communication with the local community and its institutions.


  • Disseminating SRU mission, especially with regard to community service and development.
  • Providing training and awareness programs and various services to all segments of society to enable the recipient to keep pace with the development of technical, professional and social sciences.
  • Building strategic partnerships with community institutions and sectors to support the development process and meet the needs of the labor market under SRU umbrella.
  • Building leaders and developing social awareness among students and the community in the light of Sharia rules

  • Tracking community hours for students and facilitating the various means to achieve and evaluate them to ensure the achievement of objectives related to community service to students.
  • Utilizing SRU capabilities, facilities and staff to meet social needs.
  • Equipping SRU infrastructure, which is related to sports, cultural and social activities of the center.

Figures and Statistics

Student Service Hours

In 2018G, in the course of the reporting period, students provided more than 4301 hours of various community services. Students are required to complete 5 hours of community service as graduation prerequisite.

In 2019, students provided the community with more than 2,256 hours of diverse community services during the reporting period. SRU students are required to complete 5 hours of community service as graduation prerequisite.