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Services and facilities

SRU provides a range of remarkable services and modern facilities that are equipped with all student support tools and services, which in turn promote the quality of academic achievement and refine student leadership attributes and skills, in accordance with the aspirations of SRU, which adopts the highest quality standards in all aspects. All of these services are facilities are provided in a modern environment and an ideal atmosphere suitable for university life. The most prominent services and facilities include:

Internet Service:

Students benefit from free, unlimited, high quality, private, and secure internet service. This service covers all parts of student dormitory and the main buildings of the faculties, allowing students to access the internet conveniently from anywhere.

Printing service:

In order to facilitate the educational process and to meet student needs, a color and non-color printing service has been provided in University and student dormitories, which allows students to print conveniently anytime and anywhere in return for a nominal charge.

Shuttle Transportation:

Students enjoy free shuttle service between the campus and the dormitory on the one hand, and between the dormitory and the training hospital on the other, at various times throughout the day, making it easier for students to move around and access educational facilities safely and conveniently.


Students enjoy remarkable medical services in the university clinic. In addition to raising the level of health and prevention in the university community, the clinic provides primary health care and medical consultations for students. The clinic also provides ambulance service for advanced cases to hospitals and major health centers. The clinic has a major role in raising awareness about prevention, health behaviors and practices and world health days and vaccination seasons.


Students reside in SRU dormitory and enjoy a high level of well-being, comfort and safety, in addition to the accommodation rooms equipped with all the amenities and elegant furniture. The facilities within the dormitory range from skill training halls that are equipped with the latest office and technology tools, a mosque where peacefulness is just seconds away, gyms that are the perfect choice for exercising in a safe, motivating and vibrant environment, and study rooms that reflect another level of privacy and tranquility.

University life and skill-building

In pursuit of SRS vision and mission, SRU recognizes that creating an outstanding leading personality is not limited to scientific and academic aspects, but also requires the enhancement of skills and the empowerment of student leadership practices. SRU also believes in the role of student activity in promoting well-being and providing an ideal entertainment option, in addition to reducing pressure resulting from distance from parents.

There are six main areas that take into account the various interests and needs of students to achieve an integrated student personality, namely:

    • Religious and awareness activities.
    • Sports and health activities.
    • Social activities.
    • Scientific activities.
    • Cultural and literary activities.
    • Art activities.

Skill Hours System (Extracurricular Activity):

SRU has designed its own innovative and motivational system as part of its role in motivating students and encouraging them to foster their talents and hone their skills. A minimum of 60 hours of extracurricular activity per academic year is a prerequisite and one of the most important assessment criteria for student effectiveness and growth at the skill level. Individual abilities among students have been taken into consideration in dividing these hours into attendance hours, participation hours and leadership hours. Students are provided with a skill record at the end of each academic year.

Student Clubs:

Student clubs are an attractive environment for practicing various interests and activities, and an appropriate opportunity to enable students to practice leadership. Student clubs, in addition to other programs, enhance student competence, foster values and principles, refine student skills, enhance identity and self-confidence, and integrate students in the community. Student clubs cover all aspects of life as follows:

    • Awareness and Counseling Club.
    • Literary and Cultural Club.
    • Speech Club.
    • Scientific Club (Supportive).
    • Health Club
    • Integrity and Social Activity Club
    • Entrepreneurship Club.