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March 12, 2020

Update on Sulaiman Alrajhi University (SRU) educational suspension

” rptoz Dear Sulaiman AlRajhi University Students, May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon you, We ask Allah for well-beingandprotection of diseases. Following the precautionary measures recommended by the Saudi Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Education which has suspended all public and private schools and universities, technical colleges, and institutions in the Kingdom as of Monday 7/14/1441 AH (corresponding to 3/3/2020 ) until further notice. The Minister of Education has instructed the activation of virtual learning and distance education during the suspension period in order to ensure that the educational process continues in an efficient and quality manner. On this note, SRU administration has suspended all lectures on campus, to safeguard the health and safety of the students. Likewise, it adheres to the general precautionary measures given by the Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, SRU has activated the e-learning platform to ensure that the educational process continues during the suspension period. Here are some clarifications on many questions that students and employees may have: In respect to the suspension decision of the Ministry of Education, this does not mean that the school is fully suspended; thereby the students can enjoy an exceptional leave. But instead, it is a suspension of the routine method of students attending classrooms. This is to be replaced by virtual classes, lectures and distance education.SRU administration is exploring online alternatives that are best suited to the nature of the learning activities for each college. The new learning methods will then be communicated to students via official emails in order to continue studying during the suspension period.As far as the mid-term, Blocks and other examinations are concerned; they will be rescheduled in light of any developments on the suspension decision. Everyone will be contacted via her/his official email for anyupdates.SRU administration will follow-up closely on this matter and will communicate any developments through your colleges/departments or official social media and emails . We pray to Allah to protect everyone from any harm, Vice Rector Dr. Abdullah S. AlSalhi Sulaiman Al Rajhi University(SRU) ”

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