/  Why Medical Laboratory Program?

Why Medical Laboratory Program?

Why MLS Program


Health care and related biomedical fields are among the fastest growing industries because of large population, expanded health care coverage, and technological advances. Recognizing this, the number of MLS programs here in the kingdom is rapidly increased in the last few years to meet this concept. Unfortunately, despite the much growing specialties and subspecialties within this field, most if not all MLS programs offered one track; professional Medical (Clinical) Laboratory Technologists.

Most recently, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties offered many specialties and subspecialties for the Medical Laboratory Technologists; so, MLS programs should offer many tracks to meet this progress. The most popular tracks offered by many international universities (The University of Rhode Island, Eastern Michigan University, Indiana University and University of Wisconsin) are DNA biotechnology, histopathotechnology, medical laboratory science, each leads to the bachelor of MLS degree. Furthermore, the design of this program opens the door for further subspecialty if it is needed to meet the requirements of medical laboratories professionals such as Histopathotechnology track.

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