SRU Board of Trustee held its first virtual meeting for the current academic year 1441/42 2020/21 this Saturday morning led by the chair Dr. Abdulrahman Sulaiman Alrajhi and attended by all members.

The meeting started by the chair’s word, which included welcoming the board members, commending the government wise leadership’s support for the education sector, including yet not limited to ensuring the safety of the students during COVID-19, including continuing online education for the rest of the current semester, with all precautionary measures undertaken.
Then, the Board reviewed the agenda items, including conferring of undergraduate degrees of the graduated and graduating batches, approving SRU 2019 strategic plan achievement report, approving SRU new organizational structure, recommending the assignment of SRU president, approving SRU 2019 final financial report, and so many other items.

Eventually, the Board chair concluded the meeting by commending SRU recent key achievements, wishing the best of luck for SRU in its future endeavors.