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Quality Assurance Department


To lead, support and coordinate quality assurance for all SRC activities to achieve conformity with national and international quality standards.

Main Responsibilities


  1. Planning, Development and Quality Management

  3. Communicating with all academic and administrative entities (senior leaders, heads of department and units, staff, faculty, students, etc.) inside the SRCs (via email, formal letters, etc.) for any matter related to planning, development or quality assurance requirements.<>li

  5. Periodic review of SRC’s strategy and suggestion of modification and required changes as well as providing assistance to departments in preparation of their strategic and operational plans and ensuring alignments with SRC strategy.

  7. Institutionalizing continuous improvement mechanisms in all departments through advising on institution-wide strategic priorities and strategic plans for quality improvement, and assisting internal academic and administrative units in the development of quality improvement strategies within their own areas.

  9. Review critical incidents, and perform root cause analysis as required in collaboration with the concerned departments and facilitating adaptation of needed remedial actions.

  11. Coordinating and leading the preparation of periodic self-studies for consideration within the institution and for use in external reviews.

  13. Implementing adequate processes to ensure that the design of students’ intended learning outcomes on course and program levels meet the NQF requirements, and that students’ achievements of intended learning outcomes are at least equal to those achieved elsewhere by comparable institutions and programs; and reporting this to the Central Quality Assurance Committee.

  15. Disseminating the culture of Quality Assurance among administrative and academic leaders, faculty, staff and students within the institution via training, advice and support as required in addition to other promotional activities (e.g. posters, fairs, lectures, conferences, seminars, etc.).

  17. Ensuring establishment, implementation and compliance of policies and procedures with quality standards (e.g. EEC -formerly NCAAA- standards) and benchmarks through quality audits. This also involves establishing and monitoring self-assessment processes and reporting requirements.

  19. Conducting quality evaluations and surveys, providing analysis and improvement implications, and implementing follow-up mechanisms for maximum use of assessment and evaluation processes in order to develop detailed, periodic reports and executive plans for improvement.

  21. Developing a procedures manual describing the institution’s structure and processes for quality assurance; specifying criteria for selection and formats for indicators, benchmarks, and objectives; preparing standard forms for matters such as student and graduate surveys; and advising on operational procedures for the planning and implementation of quality processes.

  23. Developing Criteria for assessing the quality of inputs, processes and outcomes, (with a particular focus on outcomes) and maintaining systematic collections of reports on performance including data on indicators and benchmarks that will be required for analysis and reporting on trends in performance and changes in the environment within which the institution is operating.

  25. Maintaining statistical data of the institutional and programmatic KPIs (including mark distribution, progress rates, completion rates, etc.) in accessible databases, reviewing the KPIs regularly and including them in periodic reports.

  27. Making sure that self-evaluation processes of quality of performance depend on different types of relevant evidence, including- but not limited to- feedback from stakeholders (e.g. students, staff, faculty, graduates, employers, government bodies); and reporting this to the Central Quality Assurance Committee.

  29. Verifying the interpretations of evidence, analysis, conclusions and plans for improvement through consultation with well informed, independent reviewer/ and reporting this to the Central Quality Assurance Committee.


Current Projects


  1. Review SRCs’ strategic plan and its national & international benchmarking.
  2. Quality improvement of program specifications and reports
  3. Quality improvement of course specifications and reports
  4. Program learning outcomes and assessment of their achievement by students
  5. Course learning outcomes and assessment of their achievement by students
  6. Completion of Self-Evaluation Scales of EEC (formerly NCAAA) Standards.
  7. Completion of Self-Study Report on EEC (formerly NCAAA) Standards.
  8. Institutionalization of Quality Assurance.
  9. Accreditation projects

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