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Mission & Objectives

Mission and Objectives:

The overall purpose of the Preparatory Year Program is to prepare students for the enrollment in the undergraduate Medical and Applied Medical Sciences programs offered at SRC by developing the required standards for English language skills, basic sciences knowledge, communication, and study and IT skills. The objectives of the program are to qualify the students with the necessary skills to:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to follow scientific, medical and technical course content in the English language.
  2. Develop English Grammar, Reading, Listening & Speaking, and Writing skills at the upper intermediate level.
  3. Explain basic Biochemistry, Biology, Medical Physics and Biostatistics knowledge in the English language at the basic level.
  4. Develop study and research skills needed for effective learning at the introductory level.
  5. Demonstrate communication skills for effective communication in health care professions at the introductory level.
  6. Demonstrate skills in information communication technology needed for effective technological communication at the intermediate level.
  7. Recognize problem-based and student-centered learning systems at the basic level.

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