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The Preparatory Year Program at Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges aims towards achieving the purposeful vision of SRC to become a leading institution in education, research, and services at national and regional levels. We aim to prepare academically and intellectually highly qualified students to contribute to the development of societies through building leaders, quality education, research and services.


In order to achieve this, the PYP has been specially designed to prepare students for enrollment in the undergraduate Medical, Applied Medical Sciences and Nursing programs offered at SRC by developing the required standards for English language skills, Basic Sciences knowledge, and communication, study and IT skills. It has also integrated an introduction to the Problem-based Learning approach (PBL) which is the educational methodology of SRC’s College of Medicine.

Professional Behavior:

Not only does SRC strive to build knowledgeable students, but also aims to instill in them professional behavior values that will continue follow them into their careers. To do this, the PYP employs a vigorous professional behavior policy that helps develop crucial characteristics in students including responsibility, time management skills, ethics, teamwork and academic honesty.

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