Why SRU?

In addition to the fact that Sulaiman Al Rajhi University is a one of its kind educational institution that enjoys unique access to healthcare education resources globally, given below are some of the reasons that make us stand out:

Academic Partnership with Maastricht University (UM)

  • International Course Selection
  • Unique Study Courses
  • Latest Curriculum
  • Opportunity to transfer to Maastricht University at any stage

Problem Based Learning (PBL) Approach

  • Highly creative learning methodology
  • Emphasizes collaboration and teamwork
  • Continuous scope of learning and development
  • Encourages critical thinking thought process
  • Student centered approach
  • Possibilities of life-long learning through continuous self improvement

E-Learning Environment

  • Electronic student study assistance
  • Professional and personal support
  • State of the art technology infrastructure
  • Unlimited access to all available resources
  • Constantly updated with new content and cutting edge tools and technologies


  • Available for Saudi and Non-Saudi students
  • Need based financial grants for deserving students
  • Non-Profit Institution
    • Charitable educational institution
    • High quality educational output
    • Aim to be socially responsible by contributing to the society and community